GOTTWALD Part two.

AL Jaber`s Gottwald at work in Qatar (MidleEast)

I found again images of the Gottwald AMK 400 old Stanly Davies UK. `09-28-07.

`09-06-10.New live the for Mammoet old RG 912 with his extension.

I found some image`s of the second Gottwald in the v Seumeren fleet crane no 106 at work together with the Demag TC 2500 and our famous Faun 92.
The job was be done at the "Flexicooker project" in Rotterdam long time ago.

Again 2 old one`s from ealyer times a AMK 45 and good old Grandma.

In my files I found some old photo`s from a long time ago the set of cranes belongs to "STRUCTON" a railway construction company. 08-03-25

Some old images of the disarching ship to railcar for his way to the Tearsands area in Canada.

Whe fond again a AMK 200 in the USA he go on the ship to ???? i dont no maybe someone else.
The image was taken in the port of Baltimore Usa.

The crane are new deliverd to German Crane hire company "Wiemann" from Dortmund in 1980.
The crane have serial no 882015 and the last owner are a steel constructons company from Kentucky Usa.

Some good old ones from more than 35 years ago.

Here the Gottwald with a long boom in Phoenix USA.

Here the Gottwald RG 912 on board of a barge during a lifting job in the gulf of Mexico.

Here some images from the AMK 200-83 from Panama.
The crane belongs to

Just in my eyes,the biggest name in the crane building history.

Enzo send me images of the rebuild AMK 1000 from Taiwan.

And also some of the carrier only they need some repair and some paint.

Here a image of the old AMK 250-103 before he go`s to the Far East

In Taiwan there are found what we think the old AMK 200-103 ( I have recive a mail from the old operater of v/d Weghe Belgium he say it was my old crane and the crane are upgraded to a AMK 250-103 difference are the counterweight, and he tel me also that it was the ex Born crane.) we can not find the 4 axle hangeron that normal belong to the crane.

"Rokus" spot this Gottwald near the German / Austrian border last week.

Chris we found the image`s.
The upper was standing a long time ago on a small shipyard in northern Holland more than 15 years ago.
Booth images are property of Peter de Groot.

Lex Meeder send me someone`s from a long time ago. 2007-03-01

The image`s below are made during the one and only time that the crane visit Holland.

Again some old ones of the `70 ties. 2007-02-18

Now the crane are be rigged up on a pontoon in the Gulf of Mexico.

Here out of the files from my collegua "EDDY/EDDY".

The AK 1200 here at work on a chemical plant in Italie.

Copy`s of press cuttings out of the office of Conti.

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