Just in my eyes,the biggest name in the crane building history.

If you have some remarks let me now. Together we can make the Cirkel around.

GOTTWALD.Second part.

Maarten see the old Gottwald after many-many years on his way to Paradib India.

The crane was new buy by LNP a group of Dutch crane hire company`s and later buy by the Fam v Seumeren he works years under the no 217.

down on the plane not alouwed under the boom in Dutch.

`12-03-12- when you looks good you see the old name of v Seumeren under the black name.

06-11-25 More old ones of the AK 1200.

06-11-06 I found some old one`s

"Grandpa"at work on a powerplant in Amsterdam many years ago.

06-04-20 Roberto from Italy send me some Image`s from Italy.

06-02-21 Again from a old shoebox, a unique combination on Europeen road`s.
Grandpa with the 272.

06-02-20 Last months I have spoken with a old employee of v Seumeren who works now in the USA. he was in the time one of the first operators of the first famous Gottwald AK 912 he send me images of that time the world record lift in Mina Ab Dulah, Kuwait.

Thanks Donny.

Found new images from "Grandma" the MDC 3500.

Images of Mainboom head incl runner.

Big hookblock full rigged.( Near the old office in "de Meern"

Lift of big Cokedrums in Argentina.

Some new image`s of v Twist Gottwald MK 250 at a new powerstation in Rotterdam port more than 30 years ago.

I have found copy`s of the old MK 400 of v Driesche on a job of the Railwaylink in Amsterdam West beam 400 ton each.

Lifting by the Gottwald MK 400 and the Demag TC 1200 SL of 400 tons concrete beam`s transported on 4 times 8 axle Goldhofer and Scheuerle trailers from v Seumeren and Zwagerman and pulled by the fabolous FAUN 92.

A guy from Italy send me some images from the good old AMK 300-83 how many paintigs hat that crane on his body when you now it please mail me.

All the thanks go to: Roberto Cillani.

More than 30 years ago the first 50 ton AK 75 from the old neighbar of the
Fam v. Seumeren in de Meern.

Who nows this crane and where are this images taken.

Stefan Jung send me some images of an old crane.

Here the crane on transport.

Good (old) Frans send me some images from (the better) times.
All those images are taken on the storage area of Sarens on the old moterway Antwerpen/ Brussels.

A ex Imo Leipzig crane.

On the Chemical compount of Reliance in Jamnagar (India) has one of Mammoet`s operators seen this old Gottwald crane.
Type are Gottwald AMK 55-A, built from 1972 to 1978.
(Thanks go to Wilco.)

A Old van Seumeren crane has a second life by A+B cranes
The rebuilt old Gottwald AK 85 now working under the name RK 100 in his new colours.
The images are made by Chris Modderman

I found more image`s of INTERLIFT`S AMK 401.

Again 3 new images supliet by a good old frend

The old v Twist MK 250 on tow by one of the big Faun units.

Gottwald MK 400 in Bracht Colours.

Here the Gottwald AMK 126-63 crane fleet no 106, on the steamcleaner place in Jutphaas NL where the company are located when it starts

Here the AMK 401 the one and only built 400 tons telescopic by Gottwald before the tele`s go over to Krupp and the other to Demag here parked on a parking lot during his trip from Dusseldorff (Germany) to the ferry in Rotterdam for his trip to the UK.

The old Baldwins AK 912 in the UK.

A very old machine from the Sarens fleet

I have just recive from Austria images of OPA.

"OPA"brand, new a long time ago.

Before he becomes the name "OPA", the crane has the name The Olympia Kran.

The big Gottwald crane from Lastra v Driesche Belgium.

Now some images from shoebox
11 the crane "OMA" of company
v. Seumeren Holland BV.

This was "OMA"from v Seumeren when he lift the roof of the Amsterdam |Arena stadium together with the Demag TC 3000 booth cranes use Superlift.


First the old Gottwald from the Dutch part of the Bohne Group based in Vlaardingen NL.

And a old press cutting from a long time ago from Australia.

The by v Seumeren rebuild AK 85 (Ex IMO) into a crawler crane with more than 100 tons cap.

The ex v Driessche Belgium Gottwald a a job in France.

The boom transporter of the old Interlift UK crane.

After a big storm the last images of a old AK 400 in India on a chemical project a long time ago.

More images of the formerly MK 1000 a long time ago.

The ex Schmidbauer Gottwald a few weeks after joinig the van Seumeren fleet in de Meern a long time ago.

One of the latest lifts of the gigant Gottwald RG 912 in Canada.

Now i have resive images of the formerly MK 1000 ex Sparrows, a long time ago upgrated to
MK 1500 and now property of ALE (UK) and now find in the Far East.

Look all these has (C) by vsM Files.

This is the carrier special built for this crane.

I visit with one of my friend`s a few weeks ago the company "SINDORF" to look at the one and only "GOTTWALD" AK 1200.
Here some images.

Just behind the good old "ROSIE"he is standing in the end of the yard.

On this side is the fixed crawler.

This is the moveble crawler.

The side of the moveble crawler.

The fixed crawler.

Engine of a crawler.

Here some images of the famous RG 912 during the transport from the erection side where he works for the last year`s

Just passing avery low piperack.

The biggest crane of formely "van Twist" Gottwald MK 350 here on 4 tempory foundations during the building of the Leksekruismasten.

Same in black and white.

The backpart of the crane house of one of the AK 912 in Australia a long time ago.

The last trip of the main part of the famous AK 1200 to his new owner in Holland.

Image taken by Egbert.

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